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Who We Are

Voici-Success Introduces The Art of Creativity Challenge Business Opportunity.

There is exciting news to come on this part of our business model, we look forward to sharing it with you!

 Our program is a service that provides training and mentoring on how to achieve success and develop your career, personal business, job hunting, or even high school and college development choices.

Our program enables you to earn while you learn. "Our Passion" is to see you achieve your passion and we stand by you step by step to discover, build, and enjoy following your dream. Don’t let that dream die!

Not sure what your passion is, we can help you to find the path you should follow. We also provide a way to earn from our system while you learn, no experience is needed. Our system allows you to work from home or anywhere in the world from a cell phone or computer with a connection to the internet.

Our system is a simple step-by-step system that helps you help others to succeed.

This product is a service where you use and pass the information and opportunity to help others. You can earn up to 50% commission and start creating an income with only four other partners. You can work with four people you know or could be introduced to through our program.


We want you to enjoy the same freedom and develop a synergy with your four and help each other earn while you learn. Our system does all the work, all you need to do is show up and help others to do the same.

People can work from anywhere in the world due to the digital age in which we can participate through Zoom meetings, google meet, Bluejeans, and prerecorded video-sharing systems and podcast. You can listen while you drive to work, after the kids go to bed, after work, or while you relax on the beach or the pool anytime 24 hours a day.

We show you how to introduce our program to others with our unique system and our marketing program we can even provide people to work with you through our advertising programs.

No need to constantly recruit, this direct sell program allows you to connect with our system via a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week system that does all the work for you. The video classes that last approximately 30 -45 minutes weekly, you can even pause and continue based on your availability.  

You simply become an independent consultant, follow the course and we do all the consulting for you.


You can learn more about The Art of Creativity Challenge on this site or go to and to see more about the mentoring program or buy the Voici-Success Magazine or e-book.


Benefits of our system and mission.

1. "Our Passion is to see you achieve your passion, "We're passionate about helping you discover and pursue your dreams and start making residual passive income starting today."

2. You will learn how to use digital education can even help bridge the gap between participants in rural and urban areas or network with others around the world.

3. Find out what the benefits and drawbacks of using AI-powered coaching in education.

4. Discover how digital education and coaching can help participants with disabilities. This program can help vets with PTS and discover how to plan a future, giving hope and increasing faith in their abilities. We will be working with autistic children in places like St Jude’s and Children's Hospitals.

5. What role can technology play in creating personalized student learning experiences?

6. How can educators ensure that digital education and coaching are equitable and accessible for all learners and make real money while they learn? This can be done from any computer, laptop, or even cell phone.


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