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Seven simple steps to possibly discovering your Purpose. Voici Success Educational Program is about impacting our world one life at a time.


This project was developed to inspire anyone to create a “Business Plan for Life.” A Photo Album of the Future, Their Future, Maybe Your Future!


Anyone at any age can do this project. This can impact your life, physically, emotionally, financially, and Spiritually!


“Our Mission and Purpose is to Strategically Channel Passion, Inspire Motivation, and Spark Creativity while Increasing Literacy.”


Creative geniuses may be sitting in classrooms all around the world, and they may not even know it.


We want them to discover as they are releasing their Passion and Channeling their Potential, they may be on their way to discovering their Purpose!


We want to help anyone understand and connect the dots by using our simple seven-step process.


Come and be a part of this all-inclusive project and start creating your "Business Plan for Life" today!


Thousands of people create business plans but never think that each of us needs a business plan for life.


This project is designed and created for use from 1st grade through college and can be used at any age.

We find that the most overlooked in society is the person that never got a chance to define their life at an early age.


They can be found in many service positions, especially the restaurants, serving you and me.


We believe in students for life. You are never too old to learn. One problem in education is the average student isn't engaged in the process, Why? Because they aren't personally and socially engaged in the process. 


We must weave the two together much like a woven piece of fabric. We have heard the statement woven into the fabric of society. We need to work to weave our personal experiences through our educational projects using art and language.


Come in and see how our unique method of engaging a person can change and set the stage with a foundation for life.

Use a patent pending Method of Learning course and begin the next chapter of your life.


The program is great for young all ages in education K -12, College students, singles, married couples, prisoners, church groups, homeschooling, private, charter schools, and public schools!

We have discovered that most adults don't have a business plan for life and are still not sure what they want to do when they grow up, So if you are 30 - 40 - 50 - even 65 and still not sure? You will enjoy being a part of our program and start earning from learning today!


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