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Course 4 -Travel




2 Hours

About the Course

Serving as an executive to the CEO, I played a crucial role in contributing to the CEO’s initiative to develop pre-vocational tools for educators. These tools aim to determine student's future career paths based on their interests and passions.

I actively participated in a focus group dedicated to refining the concept. The idea behind these tools is that when a student’s enthusiastic about their chosen career field, they become more motivated to acquire the necessary skills and actively engage in the learning process.

These user-friendly tools assist in visualizing the pathway to one’s desired vocation. By utilizing these tools, students gain the potential to develop a comprehensive life plan, which guides them step-by-step toward a career that they are genuinely enthusiastic about.

Your Instructor

Gina Peraino

Gina Peraino

Passionate about travel, love to teach and love to learn. Worked as an engineer now working with this program and looking to travel the world.

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